Gallery: MV Agusta RVS #1

They teased it, then they released it. Now they’re showing it properly.

Ok, so it’s basically a Brutale Dragster with some special bits on it. But that’s not to say that it isn’t still desirable.

Here’s what MV have to say about it on their website:

Today MV Agusta unveils the new RVS #1, the first product of the Brand RVS – Reparto Veicoli Speciali, the new “Limited Run” Division of MV Agusta..

RVS #1 is a unique bike built in MV Agusta’s new mechanical atelier, created by MV Agusta with CRC (Castiglioni Research Center), a new division expressly dedicated to special bikes, completely hand-assembled. RVS #1 is the best of M V Agusta production.


It will be the most powerful bike within the MV three cylinder range, boasting 150 cv and an incredible light weight of just 160 Kgs. It’s the new standard regarding power-weight ratio, linking outstanding thermodynamic efficiency and super sports performance. A unique bike in terms of equipment, quality of component construction, design and performance.

The MV Agusta 3 cylinder engine has evolved thanks to mechanical refinement and material improvements resulting in a new Euro IV compliant engine with improved efficiency and quieter operation. MV also developed new specific engine ride modes to grant the Customer an exclusive driving experience.

Chassis is essential, light and designed specifically for unrivalled dynamic performance. The steel framework has been completed and enhanced with new aviation grade aluminum lateral plates. On the right side is milled RVS #1 logo into the surface. Tank and seat have specific production techniques: precious titanium plates are mounted within the tank; the stitched “honeycomb” seat is expressly designed for comfort and ergonomics.

A stunning Titanium exhaust – included in the supplied kit – has been designed together with SC-Project. Developed specifically for the racetrack it offers increased performance and a dramatic weight saving over the stock item.

CRC designed componentry including the dashboard support, footpeg units, engine protectors and racing handlebars with specific clutch and braking systems incorporating Braking’s Sunstar Batfly’s brake discs.

Customized machined Kineo spoke wheels mounted with Pirelli MT 60 RS tires accentuate RVS#1 performance and unique DNA.

RVS #1 takes aesthetics to new levels whilst not sacrificing efficiency and safety: the adaptable front headlight uses an integrated inertial system illuminating the individual L.E.D. units based on lean angle and velocity in order to provide enhanced illumination performance.

RVS#1 is a limited edition. “One man, One bike”.

Skulls though?

Source: MV Agusta

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1 Comment

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    Just some Justin

    June 13, 2017 at 18:13

    Ugh the skulls. And the tank graphics. Beautiful bike, but those graphics are terrible.

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