Aplinestars win top ‘wearable’ prize at CES China

Tech-Air system takes top prize in the ‘Wearables’ category during the Consumer Electronics Show Asia in Shanghai.

The Italian clothing manufacturer claims that their Tech-Air system is the world’s first and only independant airbag solution that provides full, upper-body protection.

We’re always a little confused as to the exact differences between their version and the myriad others available on the market, but by using external sensors, GPS and built-in algorithms, the standalone Tech-Air ‘Street’ and ‘Race’ don’t require any external sensors or a direct connection to the motorcycle – meaning that the system is usable on any bike. Which is undeniably excellent.

Nearly as awesome for Alpinestars, is that by taking the ‘Outstanding Product Design in New Consumer Technology Products: Wearables‘ award at the Chinese iteration of CES, they get some extra bragging rights over their competitors and websites like us get to write about them on slow news days.

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