Video: This is why you don’t leave kids alone with your motorcycle

Or… At the very least, don’t leave you child outside sat on your bike with the engine running, whilst it’s pointed into the direction of an open restaurant door.

This video – first shared on Chinese video site YouKu – provides a reminder of a couple of things.

Firstly, don’t leave your keys in your bike – that’s basically ‘how to not get your stuff stolen’ lesson one. But secondly, if you are going to leave your keys in the ignition and then leave the engine running, don’t also leave bored, young child sat on the bike as well.

There’s probably something in here about not parking your bike pointed directly at an open door, and/or something about not ordering food when there is a scooter headed towards you as well.

Note: We’ve done as much research as we can and it doesn’t appear that anyone suffered anything other than minor injuries and embarrassment in this accident. But we don’t speak Mandarin so if anyone wants to translate for us, we’d be forever grateful.

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