Is the ‘new’ MV Agusta RVS just a pimped up Dragster RR?

We hope we’re wrong… But we don’t think we are.

People still say ‘pimped-up’ right? Okay, so maybe that’s just us but we couldn’t think of another way* to describe the what we’ve just uncovered.

Earlier this week, MV Agusta announced via the sexy, Italian tease medium of a YouTube video a new bike. Sort of.

In fact, what they showed was a lot of metal being worked and a new logo for their RVS (Special Vehicle Department) along with a silhouette of a bike that looked suspiciously like a Dragster RR on knobbly tyres.

But it couldn’t just be that, could it?

We’re starting to think that it is.

Back at EICMA 2015, MV Agusta were still in bed financially with Mercedes and to celebrate the partnership they produced a limited run of 244 Dragster RR LH 44 motorcycles.


These were basically a factory custom version of the Brutale 800 Dragster in fancy dress; featuring a slightly shortened subframe, wider rear tyre, new graphics, loads of anodized red bits, some carbon fibre and sexy paint. Oh and the same 800cc triple-cylinder-engine as the Brutale.

It was a decent – and quick – way of dressing up a bike in order to make it feel a little bit more desirable. Not a method of bike selling unique to MV Agusta of course, manufacturers do it all the time.

All of which got us thinking about that the RVS.

Now, we still believe that it’s going to herald the start of their factory customisation service, similar to that which Harley-Davidson do with their CVO line. This is an idea that makes a lot of sense, keeping in mind MV’s recent financial troubles but also their hallowed status within the motorcycle community.

So the first bike out of the RVS stable is going to be pretty special then, right?

Well, we hope so, but we’re afraid that the first bike to carry the RVS label is looking likely to be just another ‘Lewis Hamilton-esque’ special…

The Evidence

Firstly we used our eyes. Look at the screengrabs from the video released by MV and you can clearly see that this bike has an almost identical stance to the Brutale Dragster.

There are some obvious differences however.

Those tyres, naturally, are not what you’d expect on the standard road-going Brutale Dragster, and that light is quite a lot different from the fly-screen/mini-cowling found throughout the range of MV’s naked bikes.

And then there is that glint of rear light and that strange, orangey-yellow glow just underneath the seat unit and nestled within the frame…

Here, we’ve helpfully marked them out for you using what most teenagers would call ‘epic photoshoppery’.

Now, here’s the science bit.

If you squint a little and flip between the original Brutale Dragster RR and the silhouette from the screengrab, you’ll notice a few things…

That rear light set-up is almost identical to the original – only with different coloured lenses – and the front seems to have had nothing more done to it than the addition of a quick, café-racer style ‘drop of the bars’ and a circular headlamp.

But what about those strange, yellow flashes that seem to light up around the seat and frame area? These look like the most exciting pieces of the design don’t they?

We’re sorry to disappoint…

…because if you superimpose the original Dragster RR image onto that of the new ‘RVS’ screengrab, you can see that these are almost certainly nothing more than flashes of a gold frame.

Which leads us to conclude that the first ‘Special Vehicle’ to come out of the new MV Agusta project is probably going to be a Scrambler/Café-Racer, hybrid-style mash-up of a two year-old machine.

With some trick bits on it.

And probably a gold frame.

Now, this isn’t to say that it isn’t going to be a good-looking bike (just look at what GT-Moto and Alicia Elfving (the MotoLady) did with their recent build), or that we’re not going to look at it and decide that we immediately want one. We’re just saying that we’re preparing to be underwhelmed. Or at the very most, merely whelmed.

But then, didn’t MV Agusta themselves announce this with the words the birth of the Hyperbike‘? Why yes… Yes they did.

So who knows, maybe we’re wrong and this isn’t just a Dragster in a fancy golden dress. Lord knows we hope that we are…

We’ll find out soon.

*Just thought of another, totally should have gone with Dragster in ‘drag’. Damnit.



  1. Avatar

    Robert Campbell

    May 18, 2017 at 10:29

    An ‘even more’ pimped up Dragster RR. Disappointed… This is just MV launching an aftermarket parts catalogue then.

  2. Avatar

    Frank Hart

    May 18, 2017 at 11:41

    I agree with this article 100%, but that hyperbike quote from them also has me scratching my head. As a massive MV fanboy (I bought an F3 800 last month) even I can admit they only have enough money to keep the lights on much less design a 100% new bike. It’ll be years before we see them completely replace an existing model no matter how badly it needs to be updated. These special vehicles are an easy way to bring in quick cash so you can spend it on R&D for new models down the pipeline. Like you said, practically every manufacturer both car and bike do this. Either way, it’ll be gorgeous and we all will want one!

  3. Avatar


    May 18, 2017 at 11:45

    Pretty much

  4. Avatar


    May 18, 2017 at 13:33

    We’re wondering if ‘Hyperbike’ means gold-plated and crazily priced, as opposed to ‘hyper performance’.

  5. Avatar


    May 18, 2017 at 13:34

    This is just our speculation of course. It could be AMAZING ;p

  6. Avatar

    Dada H

    May 18, 2017 at 14:58

    As an MV owner and Lover i can confirm your thinking. It is a cafe racer version of the Dragster. If you look at the Blackout Valercomponents MV you will see the front head light being used and some of the detailing.
    Because of the financial difficulty they had they have the leverage existing model to the max and create these one off limited edition series. We will see more of them across all remaining categories.

  7. Avatar

    Keegan Knight

    May 18, 2017 at 23:36

    Tyler Knight

  8. Avatar

    Ross Thomson

    May 22, 2017 at 01:38

    @mvagustamotor @GTMOTO @themotolady flogging a dead horse I reckon #fireitup

  9. Avatar

    Dave Green

    May 24, 2017 at 21:21

    Given their low production numbers, very hard to see how they could pull off more than a cosmetic change (perhaps they could do like with the Brutale Corsa and upgrade the pipes and suspension bits). If you look at the F4 line, it is replete with limited edition models that consist entirely of cosmetics – the Sena is a good example. Still, if it helps keep the lights on and the parts flowing, no need to deny MV what others (I am looking at you Triumph) have perfected to sell slower selling models.

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