NW200: Jessopp Triumphs over factory boys on his family machine

Jessopp joy.

Martin Jessopp has just beaten the likes of Dunlop, Martin and Hutchinson to become the winner of the first North West 200 Supersport race of the week.

Speaking to the immediately after his victory, Somerset man Jessopp said that he was ‘lost for words’ after his first every NW200 victory.

His win is placed even further into context when you realise that Jessopp doesn’t ride for a factory team. His Triumph isn’t sponsored by the Triumph company and unlike his peers within the paddock, he doesn’t hold much by way of corporate sponsorship.

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We’re not huge NW200 statisticians here at MFHQ, but we’re pretty sure that this is the first time in several decades that a British-born rider has won a race on a British-built machine.


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