This Japanese Honda advert is a message to modern teenagers everywhere!

It may not be the TV spot that you want, but it’s the one that you need.

Get away from the crowds, stand-out and be true to yourself (preferably on a Honda SH Mode 125). Or at least we think that’s what this latest TV advert from Honda Japan is trying to say. And it may be because we’re writing this on a Thursday afternoon after a particularly dull morning, but this might be the single, most-punk, most revolutionary motorcycle related advertising of all time. Ever.


But enough of the hyperbole… In what has now become an irregular feature here on Motofire, let’s dissect it all piece by piece and we’ll try to explain.


Japanese youth culture continues to be impenetrable to the rest of the world.


Take this guy. He’s like a weird cross between John Lennon and Wyatt Earp.


This is laying it on a bit thick, but teenage culture does tend to make everyone look the same whilst perversely trying to remain individual.


He’ll never fit in. See, he’s drinking orange juice whilst they’ve all got coffee. He doesn’t belong here.


Should we be watching this? It feels like an intrusion into the world of a man in the midst of a mental collapse.


All she cares about are her ‘streaks’ on Snapchat.


Yep, this is definitely some sort of mental breakdown.


Shouting at people in Cafes has never been much of a crowd pleaser.


Run! Run like the wind! Get yourself the life you deserve kid!


Where’s his jacket gone? What about his specs? What’s happening?


He’s watering flowers now. Or maybe he drunk too much orange juice earlier?


“What’s in the box?!” – Seriously, has he never seen Se7en? Don’t look in the box Miles!


Oh, it’s a cat. He’s cuddling a kitten that he found in a box. This isn’t recommended, feral cats are notoriously aggressive.


Oh, it’s a flashback. See, this is him escaping the cafe from before. These were glimpses at a previous/better life.


Google ‘Bump of Chicken’. This isn’t them, but Japanese rock is pretty awesome. You’re welcome.


He’s literally throwing away the trappings of his previous life.


Public Service Announcement: Never ride angry. Or without the spectacles you were wearing earlier.


Shout loudly during a manic episode and get noticed by girls. Or, become an individual and get noticed by cute girls. Either way, the message is clear, do something to stand out.


Is taking pictures of your coffee really all you want to do with your life? (This is a rhetorical question, the answer should always be no if you’re asked this).


Look how happy and relaxed he feels now that he doesn’t have to try to fit in. And he’s not even ridden the new Fireblade yet, that’s going to blow his mind all over again!


Let it all of that modern life go son… You’re both on your own AND with family now… This complex and contrary notion is what freedom feels like!


“Rock and Roll”


We can’t read Japanese, but we’re sure this says something like ‘Bikes are cool! Be different, buy a bike! Bikes will save you from everything!’

Actually, this all links through to a campaign by Honda Japan titled ‘The Youth is not smart!‘ – which seems a little on the nose if we’re honest.

We tried our best to translate it, but our reading of Japanese is terrible and this is what Google had to offer on the matter when we entered the video description into their box of tricks,


“With the feeling of Honda saying, “I want to send a Yale to the living young people”, the rock band “Forget Rannie” gathering enormous popularity from young people with overly honest hot lyrics and singing voice write down the original song It was.

Both of you have the same feelings in mind, it is the realization of dream collaboration.”

Nope, we’ve not any idea what the means either. In fact, it made more sense to us in it’s original Kanji.

BUT our take on this is that whilst motorcycles have been synonymous with freedom since the moment they were invented, with the world becoming more and more homogenised, it’s harder than ever to stand-out and feel like an individual. Honda aren’t really saying that buying a 125cc Scooter is going to be the making of you as a single entity all of your own, but maybe – just maybe – getting yourself onto two-wheels might just be the beginning of something special; a special, petrol-powered cleanse of your soul.

Sure, there are more ‘rebellious’ bikes out there to choose from, but we live in times when just the act of swinging a leg over a two-wheeled machine can seem like a revolutionary act…

Leave the floppy hats at home kids… Go get yourselves a moped and set yourselves free!

(This was a public service announcement brought to you by Steve MF – feel free to send him well-wishes and get-well-soon cards after what would appear to have been a tricky afternoon for him).



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    Matthew Smith

    March 2, 2017 at 16:18

    @HondaUKBikes @HondaPowersprts Love this!

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    March 3, 2017 at 01:05

    It took a while for my dumb-ass laptop to download all the breakdowns, but it was worth it. Yes, the Japanese youth are very inscrutable. They’re either way in front of the curve or way behind it. Great piece, and a seemingly great ad by Honda.

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