Honda unveil 150SS Racer concept in Thailand

But don’t expect it to hit the showrooms anytime soon.

There have been rumours flying around the Asian territories of a 300cc ‘cafe racer’ from Honda for quite a while now. So when Honda Thailand opened up their stand at The Bangkok Motor Show last night, lots of people got very excited.

And having seen the photographs of the new Honda 150SS Racer Concept, that excitement is well founded. BUT.. Don’t expect to see this concept bike hitting any showroom floors for quite a while, if ever.

With it’s single-cylinder 150cc engine, *any* production version of this bike is expected to fit in with the 300cc rumours. So there’s your first point of possible difference right there. Then of course there are all of the trick, expensive components which absolutely won’t make it through to production; huge carbon wheels, upside-down forks and carbon mudguards aren’t expected to see the light of day on any final version.

That said, it’s very pretty. And we know that smaller displacement bikes are really where the majority of the market is moving these days, so…

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