Milan Mop-Up #6: Honda’s CB1100TR Flat Tracker ‘concept’

Honda finds itself playing catch-up but hits home with its custom CB1100.

The intro video shows a small team of Honda Europe engineers and designers working alone in a brightly lit room, sketching out ideas on tablets and playing with various ‘bike bit’s. Perhaps tellingly, there is also a designer working alongside them who is designing various logos and graphic elements to be placed on t-shirts. The worry is that the big ‘H’ may have got into this new-wave custom scene a little too late…

Especially when you see that the proposed CB1100 TR concept was created to ‘share the emotion and excitement of USA flat track culture’. We’ve been here several times before…

Honda say that their Rome-based R&D designers have imagined the CB1100 TR as the ‘King of Urban Flat Track Circuits’, as a counterpoint to the off-road oval circuit look of the traditional flat tracker. While it exudes a pure racing spirit, its design has more of the ‘street’ orientation favoured by European customers. This is a calculated choice of course, because the CB1100 is no stripped-back racing machine; it’s chunky, heavy and wouldn’t be anyone’s first choice for a dirt track racer.

There’s no denying that the Rome team have pulled it off though. The bike was a highlight of the EICMA show and crowds were consistent during the time that we spent with the bike on the Friday –  although this might be something to do with the number 58 being used on the CB1100 TR to honour the memory of Honda’s beloved MotoGP rider Marco Simoncelli, who passed away 5 years ago.

It’s no CB1100R (we’re going to bang on about that until the end of time) but it certainly shows the promise of the modern CB1000 platform and might just mark the beginning of Honda upping it’s ‘custom game’. At the very least they’ve got some pretty trick T-shirt designs that they need to sell!

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1 Comment

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    November 16, 2016 at 07:38

    Thats about as “Flat Tracker” as Hillary Clintons Flat Ass. 80’s Super Bike OK. Call it the Fast Freddie Laguna Seca Special but Dirt Track, Huh ? There has never been a remotely competitive inline Japanese 4 in Dirt Track competition. We all have known for years that the format is all wrong for a Half Mile or Mile Dirt Oval. What a load of BS. Honda ,who have Dirt Track Cred in heaps should be ashamed of this pathetic poser.

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