Milan Mop-Up #7: Energica’s ‘ugly’ EsseEsse9 concept

Ignore the looks, explore the technology.

Energica’s claim that they are ‘leading the Italian electric market’ might be akin to saying that you’re the best bikini salesman in the Antarctic. But there’s no doubt that with their current Eva and Ego models they’ve been leading the charge (pardon the pun) on battery-powered performance bikes.

Whilst their design can be regarded as divisive as the drivetrains themselves, the fact that Energica can build a superbike that claims a top-speed of 150mph with a range of around 80 miles shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand. Neither should their new concept.

Energica EsseEsse9 Concept

The reason that the EsseEsse9 looks like a big ol’ block of batteries is exactly because it’s precisely that; a big ol’ block of batteries. Taking the word ‘concept’ back to its original form – before manufacturers began to use the word as a replacement for ‘pre-production model’ – Energica have designed the EsseEsse9 to showcase their new, patent-pending technology; a battery casing that greatly reduces battery overheating.

Usually the batteries contained within this vital component warm up dramatically, which then causes issues with performance when the heat produced can only dissipate slowly.

Amongst other issues, this means that the batteries overheating can greatly reduce the life cycle.


Energica EsseEsse9 Concept

The new Energica battery case has been designed to avoid this problem. It may not look pretty, but the case visible on the EsseEsse9 includes a cooling plate made of aluminum with several holes within it that transmit the heat outside and across the cooling plate.

It may not seem like much, but with battery technology and range increasing at an incredible rate, and with networks of superchargers being developed by the big automotive conglomerates, battery management is going to become an essential part of the next, big push towards fully-electric mobility.

If that takes a few strange looking concepts to help us on the way, then we’re ok with that.

Energica EsseEsse9 Concept

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