Milan Mop-Up #4: Honda Africa Twin Enduro Sports Concept

It’s an Africa Twin for those with a bit more of a progressive attitude towards design aesthetics.

The reviews for the new Africa Twin have been pretty positive, but at it’s launch last year the response was little more underwhelming.

It was hard to know if it was the extended wait that had dulled everybody’s senses or just general apathy, but whilst a new Africa Twin was undoubtedly an exciting *thing* we were always left wanting just a little bit more.

Now though, Honda have hit the sense hard with their new Africa Twin, Enduro Sports Concept.

Essentially a sportier version with more ‘off-roady’ components and a lighter chassis, Honda say that this bike was designed to be ‘Queen of the Off-Road’.

Not sure if that loses a little in translation, but the pictures should be all you need to know that this beauty will probably end up in production (in some slightly lesser form) and on the streets in 2018.



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