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Dainese’s new Mugello R D-air Race Suit



Serious about safety? Dainese’s new Mugello R D-air® might just be the racing suit for you.

Dainese have been working on the air-bag suit concept for some time and have been helped by Rossi who has – both intentionally and accidentally – flung himself at the tarmac at high speeds and took notes in the process.

The result is what Dainese say “represents state-of-the-art safety technology and introduces over 25 new features and several pioneering innovations leading to five new patents.” Sounds impressive. 


Highlights include the extension of the D-air® airbag coverage area from the neck, shoulders and collarbones, to the lower sides of the rib cage; a redesigned and seamless-integrated LED interface, as well as a patented Intelligent Emergency Lighting System directly triggered by a sophisticated D-air® algorithm (not really sure what that is, but it sounds good); enhanced comfort and protection with the application of an adaptive knee construction and innovative constructive solutions, such as high-performance pre-curved engineered textiles and tri-axial elastics; and re-engineered elbow construction with an optimised slider shape and a quick release system.


The suit will be available through Dainese’s custom works program, in two colour options from April 2017 and will start from £3,399.95. Nope, that’s not a misprint.

If you’ve a bit of change left, Dainese have teamed up AGV to offer what they say is a state-of-the-art, head-to-toe safety system for motorcycle racing. Basically, add another £1,011.95 and you’ll also get the AGV Pitsa GP R helmet thrown in.


An evolution of the groundbreaking Pista GP helmet, it offers and increased field of vision with the introduction of a Race 3 Max Pinlock®; a Class 1 Optic visor with 100% Max Vision Pinlock® (120) and a new-patented Visor Lock System (VLS).

Aerodynamic performance has been improved with a new wind-tunnel-tested Biplano rear spoiler; there’s a new-patented interior structure and an implemented Integrated Ventilation System (IVS); and the Pista GP R is the first helmet to include a hydration system, featuring internal channels and a drinking valve placed inside the chin area.

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Review: Pando Moto Boss jeans are the most comfortable we’ve ever ridden in



Everyone makes abrasive-reinforced denim these days, but Pando Moto are quietly changing the game.

We’ve written about Pando Moto before here on MF. Back in January we were impressed by the quality of their offering – seen only through their catalogue – and their direction that seemed to be ‘making motorcycle clothing for real people’.

But is that promise kept all the way through to riding with them on the bike?

(Pando Moto wanted us to check out the quality of their new jeans, they sent us a new pair to wear – and keep.)

The first thing that grabbed us about the Pando Moto denim on the Boss Black jeans that we were sent, was the stretchy’ness of the denim. For those people who like to wear their slim-fit denim on the bike, but find the cut of most of them unable to keep up with the demands of fast riding, the freedom of movement offered by both the tailoring and the extremely stretchy 13oz denim was a huge benefit.

Armour is provided by knee inserts from Knox and there are hip inserts available too (although you’ll have to buy those yourself – they’re not provided in the box).

With a myriad fabric choice now being available in the ‘abrasion resistant’ arena, the comfort of knowing that your legs are going to protected by good, reliable DuPont Kevlar can’t be understated and – although thankfully we can’t vouch for their strength within a crash – the furry, yellow fabric is positioned in all of the right places and we’re certain that it’ll keep our skin happier than just wearing denim on its own.

There’s no denying that Kevlar is hot however, so whilst the slim-fit of the denim might be welcome, the lack of airflow and warmth from the kevlar next to your skin will mean that you’ll find yourself with a sweaty set of pins by the time you’ve reached your destination.

But whilst the skinny fit might make you a slave to fashion, the little details of the jean show that Pando Moto have thought things through with more focus than most; the one feature that impressed us more than perhaps it should have with the Pando Moto Boss jeans was the clever little reflective strip on the inside seam of the bottom of the legs… When you turnover the jeans – as our little legs AND fashion dictate is a must – that reflective ribbon provides a fantastic extra nod to safety.

We’ve spent just a few days riding in the Pando Moto jeans now, but we honestly haven’t ridden with a more comfortable, more pleasing pair of motorcycle denim than these.

Thoroughly recommended.

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Dainese’s 3D custom leather configurator is ridiculously brilliant!



You too can design the best – or most hideous – custom leathers available.

If you were wondering why the quantity of articles on Motofire has recently slowed to a snail’s pace, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s to do with the fact that we’ve put the site up for sale.

BUT if we’re being honest, the last couple of day’s worth of articles didn’t get published because we were too busy messing about with Dainese’s new custom works configurator for their race leathers.

Seriously, go and take a look, it’s brilliant… And you can pretty much alter every component of your race suit.

Accessible via the website, the brand-new 3D configurator allows each motorcyclist to completely personalise their leather suit, jacket or pants in real time, with a simple, set of interactive toggles and widgets.

You can even upload logos and words.

Once it’s all done, you then just need to make an appointment with your local Dainese custom works centre who will then take your measurements and get you on the way to one-off Dainese suit heaven.

OR you could get the design we produced made in honour of Motofire and you’ll be well on your way to the Milan catwalks!

Source: Dainese

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