UK bike sales for August show ‘new rider’ growth

By ‘new rider’ what we really mean is ‘smaller, more manageable’ motorcycle.

All new bike sales have been reported as ‘marginally up’ by the latest UK Motorcycle Industry Association for August 2016, but it’s the smaller capacity machines that have, once again, seen the biggest increase.

Over 4,000 bikes within the 51cc – 125cc range have been registered as brand new machines in August 2016, that’s an increase of over 500 motorcycles (or scooters) compared to the previous year. In fact, it’s an increase of 12.2% year-on-year.

But it’s the 126cc-650cc engine range that’s seen the biggest leap with a 17.9% increase in new registrations from 1,035 bikes in August 2015 rising to 1,220 for this year.

To put this into some sort of perspective, registrations of machines of 651 cc have dropped off by around 9% compared to the previous timeframe.

What does this mean? Honestly, we have no idea. We’ve not been studying the numbers and sales data for long enough to authoritatively state anything either way, but with an industry that’s desperate to increase sales within the younger, less-performance obsessed market, we can only assume that a continuance of this kind of trend would be considered a good thing.

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