Dougie Lampkin successfully wheelied the entire IOM TT course!

12-time World Trials champion completes the entire 37.7 mile-long course of the Isle of Man, on only one wheel.

Starting from the iconic grandstand in Douglas, Lampkin not only had to content with the wind, road conditions and probably cramp, but he also performed the whole thing live through a stream on Red Bull TV.

Having completed the trick in one hour and thirty-five minutes a relieved Lampkin was unsurprisngly pleased,

“It feels fantastic, the last 15 seconds were really lovely. The rest of it was a challenge!” – Dougie Lampkin

If you’ve ever wanted to see what it’s like for a man to wheelie for over an hour and a half then now is your chance.

Lampkin is the first person to ever complete the course on one wheel, but he isn’t the first to have attempted the feat. Back in the 1970’s, Dave Taylor took several stabs at grabbing the record but never managed to finish the entire course.

This, and the fact that the first attempt by Dougie had already been aborted due to the poor conditions just 24 hours earlier, helps to put the single-wheeled achievement into even greater perspective.

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