VIDEO: Dutch rider shatters world’s fastest wheelie record!

Dutch rider hits over 213 mph on Yorkshire airfield.

With a previous record of 209 mph set by Liverpudlian Gary Rothwell there was a lot at stake during the 1km wheelie run during the Straightliners Event, but nobody seemed to tell Egbert Van Popta.

His first run on a special, customised bike saw him hit a devastating 214 mph but he failed to hit the final timing beam at the final 1km marker, so the sticklers for the rules at Guinness made him go again.

It was a tough blow to take, but Van Popta didn’t seem to mind. His next run was an ‘official’ one and with a speed of 213.309 mph / 343.287 kmh he absolutely shattered the world record.

How good are you at popping wheelies on your motorcycle? Do you reckon you could do it for a full kilometre? And how about at over 200mph?

Nope. Us neither. And that’s why this is such an incredible piece of video.


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1 Comment

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    August 24, 2016 at 15:21

    Gary Rothwell still a damn good show fella! Insane speeds to be going on two wheels!

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