360 Degree Video of Pikes Peak winning Victory Empulse RR.

It’s like living in the future. Now.

At the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb a couple of weeks ago, Don Canet of raced the electrically powered Victory Empulse RR to a class win.

The rapid ascent won the Electric Motorcycle class with a time of 10:17.813, which worked out at an average speed of 69.9 mph throughout the gruelling, 156 bends of the 12.42 mile course.

It was a great ride by Victory with an electrically powered motorcycle, securing as it did for them a stunning second overall for the entire motorcycle field. That’s the second fastest bike up the hill out of all of the bikes; petrol powered machines included.

Now there is a quick 3 and a bit minute video up and online to give you an idea of just how great the Pikes Peak course can be. And how eerily serene the power of an electric motorcycle can sound.

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