We’re off to the London Motor Show this week.

Let’s see what this four-wheeled nonsense is all about then.

We’re not wheel’ist really.

So when we got an invite to go down to the London Motor Show this week there wasn’t much complaining from either of us. In fact, having spent a rather awesome few days bombing around in the Tesla P85D, we’re quite excited to see what else we could spend the (imaginary) equivalent £85,000 on?

This will be the first Auto show in London since 2008, and it’s taking place slap-bang in the middle of Battersea Park, so it’s going to be all swanky and posh. Two bikers from up-North are going to fit right in!

We’ll probably do our usual schtick of Tweeting and Facebooking everything to within an inch of its life, so if you want to join us on Thursday just keep an eye out on our feeds.

That is – of course – if you don’t fancy popping down to the weekend for yourselves? You can check out ticket prices etc on the website for the show here.



1 Comment

1 Comment

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    Michael Merrick

    May 3, 2016 at 08:52

    @londonmotorshow that should have wire wheels

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