The Tinker is a ‘downloadable’ motorcycle.

Print off your own machine and make it at home.

According to its designer, the open source Tinker is a ‘downloadable, no weld, motorcycle kit designed to breathe a new lease of life into damaged or non-road worthy motorcycles by reframing the existing or purchased engine and running gear’.

Screenshot 2016-04-06 at 16.58.37

What this means in layman’s terms is that the Tinker is a series of bike components that are available to download and to ‘print directly’ using a 3D printer, and that can also be pretty easily produced using a variety of relatively accessible CAD or CAM driven machinery.

Created by Scottish product design student Jack Lennie, the inspiration for the fully self-buildable motorcycle comes from classically styled products and – naturally – the British Cafe Racer scene.

According to Jack, the Tinker will be capable of speeds between 70 – 140mph (dependant upon the donor engine of course) and will be completely road legal and compliant with both UK and European standards required for motorcycles and single occupancy vehicles.

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