Tesla to TT Vlog: Ep. 03 – Where we bother McGuinness and Dunlop goes to war!

We actually do work hard here at Motofire. Honest.

Day three at the TT launch was pretty hectic. Genuinely. It’s not all running around, chasing racers and team-managers, pretending to be important in the industry.

The reason Ian is looking all bedraggled and Steve has the look of a man who needs at least another four hours sleep is that the day started at on the beachfront of Douglas with Bjorn from Saroléa Racing, then it took us to the forest for a game of laser tag with some of the most competitive men on the planet, and ended up with a live-streaming of the official launch event at a posh building (Steve actually had a shirt on, but forgot to do his hair).

Now it’s off for another 20 hour journey down to Paris for the Bike Shed event.

Sleep is for losers!

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