Warrior jeans for the daily fight.

Great if you’re a road warrior, a style warrior, or just a safety worrier.

To say that Resurgence jeans have been on a bit of a well… resurgence would be a misnomer; mainly because as a motorcycle clothing company that only launched in the autumn of 2013 they’re actually pretty new. It’s fair to say that they have been on a bit of a surge of late though, and with their new, Warrior jean, it looks like this growth is going to continue.

The Warrior has been designed for everyday use and takes advantage of a ‘lite’ version of the PEKEV lining that is used throughout the rest of the Resurgence range.

In the past, Resurgence denim has been (necessarily) thick and heavy down to the levels of protection required, but with this lite lining covering 60% of the jean – from waist down to boot level – the safety level has not only passed the CE level 1 abrasion testing, it exceeded it, with a recorded abrasion resistance of 5.21 seconds.

The Warrior is available in both gents and ladies cuts, and for only £130 (or £160 fully armoured).

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