KTM join Ducati with HQ at Silverstone Park

Austrian manufacturer are setting up their UK headquarters inside the Silverstone business park.

The Northamptonshire race circuit already has the UK base of Ducati within the High Performance Technology & Motorsport (HPT&M) business estate and now they can add Europe’s largest motorcycle manufacturer to their list of residents.

When they move in – around April – they’ll also be bringing with them the Husqvarna marque, which will also take advantage of the 13,000 sq ft property; which will include offices, workshops, an internal ‘bike wash’ (nope, we’ve no idea what or why either) and a sales and marketing centre.

What this means in the long-term for KTM is anyone’s guess really. But we can only assume that it’s a good thing.

And being right on top of the iconic Silverstone track can only be a bonus for anyone wanting to take their KTM on a track day!

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