We’d like this Two-Stroke Smoke Candle for Christmas please, thanks.

Hankering after the smells of yesteryear? Flying Tiger Motorcycles might have just discovered the answer.

Quite a few websites were posting about the Two-Stroke aftershave being pimped out on Kickstarter last week. But we were less than impressed.


Well, the whole point of aftershave is so that you can smell attractive to the opposite sex. Now – granted – there are a few people for whom we’re sure the heady smell of Two-Stroke mix will send them into an olfactory-induced orgasm, but we’re betting that the target market for that is pretty small. Compared to – oh, I don’t know – your regular lavender and Tonka bean obsessives.

Seriously, most men’s fragrances are based on an old recipe of smells developed in 1882. Honest, we do our research here at Motofire. Although we’re still not really sure what a ‘tonka bean’ is.

No, what we want is something for us. A smell that makes us reminisce with nostalgia over the old days of Giacomo Agostini on his Yamaha YZR500 OW23, whilst still allowing us to seem even remotely attractive to the outside world.



We want an atmospheric smell instead. Something to make the room that we’re in feel special, and Flying Tiger Motorcycles might have just discovered the perfect answer.


The Two Stroke Smoke Candle is described by the Flying Tiger crew as being made from ‘real, live 2 stroke oil, with high-octane fragrance’ which sounds like exactly what we want every room in every house to smell like. Forever.

It’s available in the Flying Tiger store for $20. It might not arrive in time for Christmas now, but expectation is half of the fun, right?

NOTE: Since writing this post the candle failed to make its full funding on Kickstarter so probably won’t be happening. Sad times!

H/T: Silodrome

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar

    Ru Ashworth

    December 14, 2015 at 16:40

    Here you go Julia Longden
    Jarrod Longden’s Christmas present sorted xx

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