Weekend Watch: Inside Japan’s aging biker gangs

It’s probably raining this weekend, so settle down inside and keep dry by watching this instead.

We stumbled across this on the ever-excellent Vice site yesterday and thought it too good not to share.

Japanese motorcycle gangs, known as Bosozoku, have been a small fascination of ours for years. As a subculture along they’re fascinating, as a subculture of our already small ‘biking culture’ they’re doubly so.

VICE Japan followed some of the most infamous Japanese motorcycle gang members to hear about their glory days and the dying subculture.

Maybe it’s the jumpsuits, the elaborately styled bikes or perhaps it’s just an innate fascination with the violence that seems to surround the territorial nature of the groups? Regardless, this little 30 minute documentary is a solid – if only a cursory – insight into the now dying world of the Bosozoku.

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