Lorenzo burns his own leg during celebration!

Rossi fans will probably call this karmic.

Jorge Lorenzo won the MotoGP title at Valencia this weekend and was all set to celebrate in style in Palma de Mallorca this evening.

Things didn’t quite go to plan however – as this video shows – when the Spanish rider had to leap off of his Yamaha YZR-M1 MotoGP winning bike during a heavy rev’ing/possible attempted burnout session in front of the adoring crowds. Jorge himself confirmed that it was a lose radiator hose that caused the problem, covering his leg in boiling water.

All was quickly mended however and he later returned to a presentation ceremony at the ‘Consolat del Mar’ – albeit displaying a lightly bandaged left leg and almost certainly a little more red in the face than usual.

“I’ve raced with a broken collarbone, I can withstand a burn!” – Jorge Lorenzo

Still, we’ve all done it – and it’s quite heartening to know that the best motorcycle riders in the world can still fall victim to a little over-exuberance.


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