VIDEO: We grabbed Toby Moody to talk you through the new KTM line-up for 2016

There’s a lot to get through at the Milan show.

FOUR – or maybe SIX – halls of motorcycle related goodness is at EICMA and it’s neigh-on impossible to cover everything unless you have a team of super-journalists at your disposal and the superhero power of needing no-sleep, ever.

So we did what all sensible people would do in this situation and roped in our good friend Toby Moody who was in charge of the press conference for KTM this week to talk us though the new line-up for 2016. This is good news for two reasons: 1) it means that we don’t have to cut and past another press release and work out how to make all the specifications line-up nicely after we’ve converted them, and 2) Toby is an extremely infectious personality who loves motorcycling and KTM’s in particular.

Let him show you the virtues of the refined KTM Super Duke R SE (stop chuckling Brits!), KTM 690 Duke R and the new KTM 1290 Super Duke GT!

So if you didn’t want a KTM before watching this, you probably do want to at least take one out for a test-ride now. They put the ‘R’ in spectacular, don’t you know?!

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