Revealed: The BMW eRR. An S1000RR with batteries!

The new, electric BMW is a concept – for now.

The eRR – announced earlier this morning – is an experiment according to BMW, created as a project with the help of the Technical University of Munich as an attempt to embody the idea of what an electric powered Supersport motorcycle produced by BMW could be.

Whilst the design and chassis are all pulled from the current S1000RR, the drive train is completely and 100% electric.

Since the market launch the RR has given the creeps to motorsports athletes. Across acceleration, handling or top-speed – the RR is setting standards. However, if the early acceleration figures are the point, then the RR’s 199bhp has to admit defeat to another BMW product: the C-evolution scooter with its electric drive.
So we asked ourselves: What happens when you combine a sport motorcycle with an electric drive? The experimental eRR brings this on a fascinating level.

Stephan Schaller, Head of BMW Motorrad

We’ve no idea what Mr Schaller means about ‘giving the creeps‘ to riders, something may have got a little lost in translation, but it’s safe to say that the S1000RR has been universally regarded as pretty, damn, special.

No other technical details or specifications have been released by BMW, but they’ve promised to go through it all with us at a later date. We’re huge fans of electric motorcycles here at Motofire, and a Supersport bike from one of the world’s largest manufacturers is a huge shot across the bow of the industry.

Exciting times.

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