Lorenzo call to arms

Spanish TV ad for the Valencia GP shows Jorge Lorenzo in contemplative mood.

We’re pretty certain that this was shot and edited before the events of the past week or so, but it doesn’t diminish the message any less. In a video featuring Jorge Lorenzo for Spanish TV to promote the final round of the MotoGP in Valencia, Lorenzo can be heard talking over shots of Spanish, motorcycling life – riders on Harley’s, Bultaco’s in a garage, Panigale’s with pillions and – shock, horror – Marquez AND Rossi fans.

In a country as partisan and passionate as Spain is for anything motorcycle related, we can guarantee that this advert has been a long time in the making and the message would have resonated with its audience even if Marquez and Rossi hadn’t had their little spat, but it’s hard not to watch it in the knowledge of the past few days and to not try to add a little extra context to it.

The transcript is below:

Dear Comrades,
Today I am not here to talk about my achievements, nor about my loses.

On this occasion I would like to share a message for all the fans.
The colours we represent can separate us. There are some who look for the thrills, but others, instead, just wish to enjoy the landscape. There are mud lovers, or shine lovers, there are some who pass the baton from generation to generation. There are those who explore the boundaries of the world, those who walk alone.

Or the ones who prefer the crowd.
Apparently there are things that separate us. But under the helmet, we are one.

Roll on Sunday… 


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