Girls Go Wheels: Empowering Egyptian women through bikes

Biking offers everyone freedom. But for some it goes even further.

There’s a fascinating video over on Refinery29 about the sexual harassment endured by Egyptian women on a day-to-day basis, and in it are some surprising methods that these women have found to reduce the confrontation. One of which is a motorcycling/scooter club.

Set-up by 21 year old Basma El-Gabry, Girls Go Wheels is an organisation that aims to help other women learn to ride and purchase bikes so that they can experience the same level of freedom that Basma herself has experienced since starting to ride her scooter through the busy, city streets.

“On a scooter, I feel like I’m the one ruling.” – Basma El-Gabry

In the video she talks about how strange it is for women to be riding at all – it’s almost taboo – but she says that she hasn’t experienced any harassment since she began riding her Kymco scooter.

It’s easy in our westernised, european world-view to see motorcycling as simply a leisure pursuit, or simply as a commuter tool; a means of getting to and from work. It’s easy to forget just how important the freedom that such a cheap and accessible form of transport can deliver.

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