BMW just wheeled an ELECTRIC S1000RR on-stage!

BMW announce a fully electric version of their S1000RR sportsbike – and it’s sexy as hell!

Regardless of how you feel about electric drivetrains in vehicles, there is no doubt that they’re coming. Having released their C-Evolution scooter in 2014, what you’re looking at now are the first pictures of an all-electric, working S1000RR.

There are no official details with regards to the status of the project – is this just a concept? Will there be a production version? How far is the range? How long does it take to charge? etc but for now, let’s just revel in the fact that it’s here.

BMW won’t be the first company to have launched an electric motorcycle of course. Polaris – the company behind Victory and Indian motorcycles – purchased Oregon-based Brammo last year and already have a re-badged Empulse RR up and available for sale. Then there’s Harley-Davidson who are still ‘testing the reaction’ to their Livewire! concept. Oh, and Yamaha have already announced new versions of their electric concepts too!

These are the only pictures that we have currently, but we’ve reached out to BMW for the official word and will update as soon as we can.


We’ve been sent a few more photos from BMW, but not much else. We’re hoping to see a little more by way of details this time next week at EICMA in Milan.




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