A wheelie bag that converts to a top-box is genius!

Commuting is just about to get a whole lot easier.

As much fun as riding bikes can be, it’s the ease and practicality of two wheels on the road that entices the majority of riders worldwide. That practicality hasn’t always transferred to the various accoutrements and crap that we have to carry with us on a daily basis on our commute however.

How many days have you spent having torn through traffic on your way to destination, only to then waste that time faffing about with panniers, top-boxes and helmet holders? If you’re anything like us, then it’s a lot. A whole lot!

All of which makes the idea of the Wheelrider from Restless Travellers that we found on Kickstarter this morning something close to genius.

It’s genuinely one of those ideas that makes you wonder how it is that nobody has ever invented it before.

It’s essentially a top-box with wheels and a handle. That’s it! But that’s all that it needs to be. Sure, there are additional bonuses like a built-in solar panel for charging your various electrical guff and a steel-cable for holding your helmet once you’ve jetted off on your international commute like the superstar that you are, but mainly it’s the idea of a removable top-box with wheels that’s got us all excited… How is this only now just becoming a thing?!

As with most Kickstarter projects the product probably won’t come into fruition unless it can reach its target; an ambitious $100,000 in this case (pardon the pun).


At the time of writing, 29 backers have pledged over $7000 of their hard-earned cash, so there is still some way to go.


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