Friday Blast: Jay Leno tests Harley-Davidson Livewire

Harley-Davidson caught the rest of the industry with their pants down when they introduced the Livewire in June.

Harley-Davidson then spent the Summer touring the USA with their all-new electric motorcycle. Somehow they managed to keep the whole thing under wraps and surprise the world because – lets be honest – they were the last people you’d expect to ‘go electric’.

The bike isn’t by any means a finished production machine, its more of a toe-in-the-water check to see what everyone thinks about them making a completely electric machine. The public reception has been mixed, but generally positive and rightly so – this is a pioneering piece of work that will help pave the way for electric motorcycles to come.

So, sit down, grab a beer and let Jay Leno tell you all about it. It may not be the future we want but at the rate we humans are destroying the atmosphere it could be the future we’re gonna get.

Even it is doesn’t make the sound of a normal motorbike, it’s still two wheels so we’d love it anyway.



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