An uncrashable motorcycle? The Lit Motors C-1

Do you remember when the Segway came along and we all thought that it was magic but a little bit goofy?

Well you can file this under that banner.

The Lit Motors C-1 isn’t actually a new machine, it’s been in development since 2010 and this – in the video above that was released this week – is actually the fourth major, prototype iteration. It’s very obviously an immensely tricky, technical proposition to pull off so you can forgive a small startup for taking their time to get it just right. And technically, it does appear that they’ve got it pretty bang-on…

Just look at how the bike refuses to tip up when being pulled by those ropes!

There are some obvious questions though.

Like why does it need that roof? Imagine how damn cool this would be if it looked like a Ducati 916 but was essentially crash proof? And none of the usual electrically focused issues of range and charge time appear to have been answered yet.


But it is hard to deny Danny Kim – the man behind this project – his dream. How many of us have had that idea in the shower and then had the motivation to bring it to fruition?

Even if it is a two-wheeled car that reminds you of a Sinclair C5.

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1 Comment

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    November 17, 2014 at 15:47

    The problem with the Segway was that it was a solution looking for a problem. This, on the other hand, solves the same problem suddenly-popular trikes solve–not falling over–but does so in a cooler looking (IMHO) form factor.

    Why the roof? Probably for the same reason the BMW C1 had a roof (hmmmm, C1, C-1…). My issue is less that it has a roof and more that they’re positioning it as a motorcycle but the riding position is so car-like, what with the recumbent seating position and a steering wheel. Sure, it leans, but the C1 I think nicely kept the somewhat upright position of a bike.

    Of course, when we actually get to drive the Lit none of this may matter. Imagine a whole new generation of riders who comfortably lean into corners without fear of falling, and drastically reduced “motorcycle” injuries to boot.

    And it’s electric! ;-) Torque city baby.

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