Kawasaki H2 revealed – EICMA

Cologne saw the introduction of the H2R, and now Milan brings us the much-anticipated road-going version: the new H2

And yes – it’s still super-charged, although it’s “only” pushing out 210 bhp on this bike (that’s 86bhp down on its track-focused big brother.)

This power arrives at a relatively low 11,000RPM, and will be facilitated by a 6-litre aluminium air-box, new road-legal 4-2-1 exhaust system, altered cam profiles to suit the bike’s road-going nature (and to meet gas and noise emission regulations), and polished intake ports.

We talked before about the silver finish, and in the shade this actually looks much darker until you get up close and realise just how reflective and shiny it actually is.

It’s got adjustable hip sliders – an interesting development that allows you to brace against them and keep your arms relaxed – and of course comes with a full complement of riding aids including traction control, launch control, and engine braking control. All the lights – apart from the one above the number plate – are LEDs. Kawasaki claim the sidelights bring to mind “the sharp fangs of a predator”, which wins our “Best Marketing Guff” award from the show this year.

Perhaps most surprisingly – even more so considering the wet weights of the Panigale 1299 and new R1 (179KG and 199KG respectively) – is that the H2 weighs in with a pretty hefty kerb weight of 238KG. Sure, you could reduce this by replacing the stock exhaust with an after-market item, but that’s still pretty heavy for a sports bike, even for one laden down with this much tech and raw power.



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