Future Hope For Fog Free Visors?

We all spend hours floating around the web looking for cool stuff to watch, read and share but occasionally some things scream “Check Me Out!”

Although it’s not a motorcycle product just yet it’s got to open up a world of possibilities for future ideas and potential products to help us motorcyclists enjoy those colder rides without the constant battle with the dreaded steamed-up visor. Sure, various manufacturers make liquids that coat the inside, even double glazed visors like Fog City or Pinlock; this surely has to be the ultimate answer to our age old problem?

Tech fans will no doubt be thoroughly excited by this solution and if you’re a year-round biker you’ll jump at the chance to make life that little bit easier.

For now we are hoping the guys at F-Bom get their heated quick clear ski goggle Kickstarter project off the ground and move future developments towards motorcycle visors. We’ll certainly be letting the guys at F-Bom know what we think of their awesome project and hopefully that will be next in their range.

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