Lazy Sunday: Petrolicious – BMW R75 Custom

If you’re anything like me, you were up early to watch the Formula 1, have already switched over to check out the BSB from Silverstone and are planning your day around the two races from the World Superbikes as well.

So it’s not quite a lazy Sunday this week – unless you count just laying on your sofa, flicking between various TV channels as lazy; which we don’t, because that takes a hell of a lot of scheduling and planning.

BUT in-between the bouts of racing and coffee drinking, we urge you to check out the videos from Petrolicious. Particularly this one surrounding the build of a 1972 BMW R75/5. It’s a great, quick (just six minutes) tale of obsession, detail and the desire to create – and own – something individual and particular.

You should check out some of their other car videos too whilst you’re just sat there waiting for the next race to begin, you could waste an entire Sunday alone just flicking through these sumptuously produced episodes.

I know, we like cars as well… The love of machinery isn’t mutually exclusive you know!

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