Friday Blast: Hells Angels MC, England

It’s happened again.. I’ve found myself browsing the web looking for obscure motorcycle documentaries.

I think it may have coincided with the latest episodes of Sons Of Anarchy but I stumbled across this 1973 BBC documentary about ‘Hells Angels from the UK.

It’s full of everything that you would expect, prospects, patches, old ladies… And it’s fascinating.

‘At about midday, his best friend Nick wanders in whilst on day release from the mental hospital’

It seems to be based around North London somewhere – I think Islington – and features a ragged collection of early 1970’s bikes. The commentary is typical BBC 70’s documentary fare too, with the narration apparently offered without condemnation of criticism but with a pronounced and definite hint of snooty disdain.

It all looks pretty harmless and mundane if I’m honest – maybe because they’re aren’t any rival, ethnic gangs or Ron Perlman in it – but it’s a fascinating insight into what many people regard as one of the best periods for motorcycling history.


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