BRD Redshift Production Is Go!

San Francisco startup BRD Motorcycles has raised $4.5 million of funding to start building and shipping its bikes to dealers.

The bikes are designed to perform as well or better than their 250cc, gasoline-powered equivalents

BRD Motorcycles who is operated by Faster Faster Inc. plans to host the world premier of the Redshift SM and MX at the American International Motorcycle Expo (AIMExpo), in Orlando, Florida on October 16. The company expects to sell the RedShift MX race bike for $14,995 and the road legal RedShift SM bike for $15,495. At that price we’d expect them to be around £12,000-£13,000 in the UK and a similar price in euros when they are available in Europe around mid 2015.

The bike which has been talked about some time comes at an interesting moment as KTM have only just launched the Freeride E which puts out only fractionally less power at 22hp as opposed to the 25hp equivalent of the Redshift. The plus side to the KTM will be dealer support and spares availability which in this sector matters a lot, not to mention the KTM is cheaper at £9,999.

The company say that they can be charged anywhere, public stations or at home, using a charger that is included in the price which plugs directly into any 120-240v socket. We see one issue with that, motocross tracks are usually away from civilisation which means a generator would be required, which… erm… isn’t that an engine?

All the price and power figures aside we doubt the time is now for a jump to electric when you can get a Freeride 250R for £4000 less than it’s electric sibling and it won’t run out of juice after 30-45 minutes of hard riding.




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    November 18, 2016 at 01:07

    BRD changed their name to Alta and has started delivering motorcycles. I have one, the Redshift MX. It is awesome

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