Weapons Of Mass Acceleration

We’re big fans of both ICON and Brammo here at MotoFire HQ.

You may find that odd as we’re based in the humble old United Kingdom and even more so when you consider the almost arrogant, overly-hyped vocabulary that ICON like to use in their work. It’s hardly very British is it?

We come prepared with weapons of mass acceleration

But the fact is that both companies are working hard to tackle the face of Motorcycling – not just in Oregon, USA where they’re both based – but also across the world.

In an industry where the average age of western motorcyclists is creeping up to the mid-50s, the fact that both of these companies are taking risks and refusing to play it safe should be admired.

Plus their kit is cool as hell and their bikes are really, really good fun to thrash about. As this video shows.

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