Some douchebag has stolen a load of historical TT trophies

The National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham is home to some of the rarest and most incredible motorcycles in history.

And up until last night, it was also home to some historic racing trophies, including some from the illustrious Isle of Man TT. Over 100 awards were taking in a smash-and-grab raid at the museum headquarters in Solihull last night at around 11pm. Alongside the theft of the trophies – the value of which to collectors is said to be worth tens of thousands of pounds – the clumsy thieves also caused massive damage to the cabinets inside which they were housed.

The really annoying part of the sorry tale however is that despite the value on the collector market being pretty hight, they were almost certainly taken for the supposed value of the melted-down metal, which – according to museum director James Hewing is pretty low, ‘The stupid thing is of course a lot of them weren’t silver. They’re either silver plate or nickel.’

Here’s hoping that the £20,000 reward offered by the museum leading to their recovery offers some decent leads.

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