Harley Electrify With Battery Powered Concept

Of all of the major motorcycle manufacturers, the one which you would have had the longest odds on introducing a large capacity electric motorcycle would have been Harley Davidson.

Yet today the bar and shield brand officially revealed their Project Livewire –  a run of 12 demo bikes that they will be showcasing on an International tour in order to gauge the public’s interest. Also unpredictably, the response to the 55kw, three-phased electric motor powered machine has been largely positive.

A blog leak of images and some details gave us time to mull over the release of a battery motor from the heavy-iron specialists and now, CycleWorld have the scoop with a world’s first test ride.

A few vital facts and figures have been left out of the press details today however; such as range, recharge options and perhaps most importantly price. But with a motor that is some 20-odd kw more powerful than Brammo’s current 100 mile ranged offering, we’re not holding out hope for anything above a 50 mile capacity from a charge.

It’s certainly a bold move from the HD team however, and we can’t help but be excited for the future of electric motorcycles now. Because if this, dyed-in-the-wool veteran – with all of its nostalgia and conservative consumers – can make the leap into batteries then it’s time to realise that this sector of the market has finally arrived.

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