From four wheels onto two

Chris Harris, the man behind (and in front) of the camera for the four-wheeled love-fests that are the /DRIVE video channel and Pistonheads, has decided to take up motorcycling, and his blog into his first, real foray into the joy that is two-wheels is one that will seem all too familiar to those of us who’ve had to navigate the odd sense of unease and ungainly lack of coordination that is the first, few months on a bike.

He’s a writer with an excellent turn of phrase and also incredibly honest – especially when it comes to the often, over-macho’d field of learning to navigate two-wheels.

And then begins the most difficult thing I’ve been asked to do involving an engine in years. Forget night stints in the rain and fog at the N24, or skidding other people’s fast cars up against concrete walls: a five-cone slalom undertaken at walking speed followed by three rotations of a figure of eight was my nemesis. I had so comprehensively out-psyched myself as I approached the first cone I might just as well have immediately ridden out of the test area, called the examiner a berk and gone home.

We won’t spoil it by letting you know how he got on, but we’re looking forward to seeing how the next instalment goes and hope that he sticks to it!

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