Ducati Officially Tease the SCRAMBLER

Ducati have released official news of their much rumoured Scrambler today.

In a press release from the Bologna based firm, they confirmed the intended release date of 2015 and announced that they had shown the bike for the first time to the factory employees in a celebration at the firm’s headquarters.

Along with the statement they also linked to a ‘teaser’ video that does more than anything shown so far to set the tone for the bike that intends to pay homage to the beach-combing, surfing past of the original, single-cylinder.

We scoured through the footage, looking to grab any hints as to the final reveal, and despite noticing some weirdly suggestive road signs and a model with what looks to be an appendix scar, the clues are very thin on the ground. What  is shown looks like quite a modern take on a retro-inspired motorcycle, a halo LED front headlamp that is separated into quadrants would appear to be a key visual-cue used by the hipster-video designers, as does the natural choice of sunshine yellow and a two-tone, possibly metallic tank.

If it’s priced correctly and comes with a few additional electronics, then we think they could be onto a winner. Here’s hoping that they don’t lay on the ‘this is for the cool kids’ marketing too thickly and let the bike find the natural home that it deserves on its own.

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