Yes, the hoverbike is a reality, sort of.

Every article on the new hoverbike from American firm Aero-X will start talking about childhood dreams of wanting a hoverboard or a Star Wars-esque landspeeder as a kid.

Well, we’re no different here at MotoFire because – quite frankly – the idea of a Hoverbike is freakin’ awesome!

At a cost of $85,000 though, the 45mph, vertical take off and landing machine (VTOL like the much-loved and sorely missed Harrier Jump-jet) is a high price to pay for entering the future.

And entering it in a rather clunky, not really practical fashion.

But heck – THIS IS A HOVERBIKE! And Aerofex say that the Aero-X is “a hovercraft that rides like a motorcycle”.

This video is from a prototype video made back in July 2012 and the Californian company are now taking down payments on the production version – the Aero-X – which the company promises is capable of carrying you and a pillion of up to 310lbs, will hover at around 12 feet above the ground and be delivered to you sometime in 2017.



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