Yamaha Hint at 2016 Electric Launch

It’s fitting that the first ‘Hello World!’ post on is about non-Internal Combustion Engine technology.

Not that we don’t appreciate the rumble and roar of a beautiful, fossil-fuel guzzling lump – naturally we LOVE THEM! – but because the whole point of MotoFire is that we’re going to be a little different. We’re embracing motorcycling in all of its forms and so, when Yamaha finally pull their finger out and get close to announcing their first range of electric motorcycles then we’re going to be all over it.

Yam’s PES1 (Passion, Electric, Street) and PED1 (Passion, Electric and – go on guess! Yep… – Dirt) we’re previously unveiled at last year’s Tokyo Motor Show and now, according to their annual report – they’re going to become a battery-powered reality by 2016. Hopefully they’ll keep some of the quirky styling of their original concepts and come close to the claimed weight of 100kg for the Street model and 85kg for its dirtier cousin.

With Tesla finally managing to push their older peers into producing more realistic electrically powered cars, it’s pleasing to see that the likes of Brammo and Mission are forcing their two-wheeled counterparts into making similar in-roads.

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