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Watch Travis Pastrana ride a motorcycle on water

American stunt biker celebrates his return to AMA racing with a wet and wild ride. When you think of motorcycle stunt videos on the internet, it’s pretty much guaranteed that the name Travis Pastrana will arrive in your head. He has been synonymous with stunt videos online for years...


Oh hell no… Riding a motorcycle on a tightrope, across a ravine, with a man hanging underneath and without a safety net is ridiculous. And if that wasn’t scary enough it’s all shot in portrait mode. https://youtu.be/EWN2PZ3Tcq4

VIDEO: Tigerman is back and he’s DRIFTING!

Tigerman, the greatest of all the Finnish self-proclaimed-superhero-motorcycling-stunt-men returns with an epic drifting video. Having customised his massive 50cc motorcycle with ‘special drift tyres’ (basically melting a blue plastic barrel around the rear wheel) and fabricating himself some classic, ‘drainpipe’ shoes, the caped motorcycling crusader is back doing...