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Motorcycling is dangerous, because ‘SNAKES!’

You’ve spent hundreds of pounds on your safety gear, but you’ve not prepared yourself for a snake attack! People will tell you that motorcycling is dangerous at the best of times, but we’re betting that even this rider from Thailand wasn’t expecting to be faced with a snake...

Video: When two wheels is one wheel too many!

Trials riding on one wheel looks easy. Ib Vegard Andersen is a trials rider from Norway and teaches at the Setesdal Motorsport School. As you’d expect, he possesses that seemingly super-human ability of balance and control that us mere mortals tend to drool in awe from when watching trials riders....


Oh hell no… Riding a motorcycle on a tightrope, across a ravine, with a man hanging underneath and without a safety net is ridiculous. And if that wasn’t scary enough it’s all shot in portrait mode. https://youtu.be/EWN2PZ3Tcq4