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TT 2017 Vlog #2: Bikes, Beer & Guns!

It was press launch day on the Isle of Man for the TT. Which means that Ian got to shoot shotguns for reasons that are still unclear. It’s day two of our TT Vlogs (day one was yesterday, because that’s how days work) and after a night of...

Week 2: Stories of Bike Triumph Thruxton R custom

After taking delivery last week, the work is really starting. We were wondering how anyone could improve on what is essentially the perfect ‘factory custom’ and now, having dropped the bike off at the workshop, Wenley Andrews starts talking about his plans for the Triumph build. Did someone...


Oh hell no… Riding a motorcycle on a tightrope, across a ravine, with a man hanging underneath and without a safety net is ridiculous. And if that wasn’t scary enough it’s all shot in portrait mode.