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This wooden motorcycle runs on algae

Dutch designer and scientist pair develop algae powered, sustainable motorcycle to raise awareness of algae as a fuel.

Designer Ritsert Mans and Scientist Peter Mooij were looking for a way to show that Algae oil could be an attractive proposition for automotive fuels, so – as the algae fuel developed by Peter was created using salt water – what better way than to build a motorcycle that can run on their local beach.

In the narration of the video, Ritsert Mans likens the test run to those of the pioneering era of the 1900s, when people weren’t sure as to what the automotive landscape would look like; bikes and cars ran on electricity, gasoline, diesel or even coal.


This is Peter and Ritsert’s vision of the future.

The design of the bike is certainly interesting, with a single-sided, front-fork setup and single-sided rear swingarm all being fashioned out of wood.

And if this kind of mechanical/science project tickles your fancy, then here are some further thoughts, from Peter Mooij’s presentation on Algae oil during a 2015 TED talk:


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