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This is Kenya’s Kibo K150 Motorcycle

Dutch designed, Kenyan built.

The Kibo K150 has been created in order to solve the problem of providing transport that is actually purpose-built for the unique, African terrain.

The company was set-up by Dutch economist Huib van de Grijspaard and whilst the design of the bike happened in Amsterdam, two years of trips and research have resulted in a motorcycle that is truly build for the Kenyan rider.

Described by its creators as a ‘hybrid’ between both a street and off-road motorcycle, the 150cc-powered machine comes with unique features like larger wheels, a suspension system that’s tuned for cargo carrying and higher ground-clearance.

“Motorcycles are affordable in comparison to cars, vans and trucks, flexible in congested areas – which include almost all large cities in the developing world – and capable of reaching many places that other forms of transport are not easily able to reach.” – Huib van de Grijspard

Intended primary for use by the courier, and taxi drivers that litter the Nairobi streets, the motorcycle has been purpose built for pillion passengers and luggage carrying with weights of upto 230kg being quoted by the company.

Dual headlights and a sturdier frame add to the nod towards a working machine.

The Kibo K150 has initially been launched in Kenya with plans to roll it out to other countries such as Rwanda, Uganda and Ethiopia. And at just £2,320 it’s a lot cheaper than most of its rivals.


And the name?

Kibo is a peak on Tanzanian volcanic mountain Kilimanjaro, and is also a shortened version of the Swahili word kiboko, meaning hippopotamus.

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