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The prize for winning the MotoGP eSports comp is a CAR?!

‘MotoGP17’ videogame players can battle each other online for the ultimate prize; four wheels (?!)

eSports have been picking up the pace within the public consciousness for years, and now – finally – motorcycle videogame racers are going to have the chance to race each other online in a global championship. It’s a global search to find the MotoGP online champion.

And then they’ll win a BMW M240i (?!)

The structure of the championship is a simple one. There will be seven online time trials on PlayStation4 throughout the season, and the top sixteen fastest players will then qualify for a live final to be broadcast across Dorna’s TV partners (so probably BTSport if you’re here in the UK).

And then the MotoGP online champion will get the keys to a brand new BMW M240i (?!)

Online racing competitions aren’t new of course. WRC, Project Cars and Gran Turismo all have successful championships. But the people behind MotoGP are hoping to be up there competing and potentially overtaking them in popularity soon,

“We know what the final goal is – we want to, in a few years, become the most important eSports racing championship”, says Andrea Loiudice, marketing manager for the MotoGP’17 videogame, “we think Dorna’s involvement is the key. In the first year, we’re making small steps to reach the goal, and we’re not expecting to have huge results straight away, but we think Dorna’s involvement and their idea of what they want to achieve is cool.”

So how will they make the difference? Milestone – the game developer – think they’ve found the secret,

“One of the problems with racing eSports – and we have watched a lot – is that the show is poor. When you see a race on TV, you see a lot of different things – replays, lots of different cameras. But when you see racing eSports, it’s a poor show, and this is an area that we are working on very hard with the directors of Dorna who put the show on TV.

We’re working on the kind of show that we want to put together for the final races, and that will be a big improvement for racing games.”

For the first year, there won’t be a whole championship however, instead racers will compete in the Red Bull Rookies Cup before progressing to Moto3 and through to Moto2. Only then will the best of the best make it through to racing in the MotoGP class for the final.


MotoGP’17 itself is released on June 15th, so if this sounds like the kind of thing you’ll be interested in, you’ve got a few weeks of practice time in before the competition begins in earnest.

One thing is bothering us though. Why, WHY is a car the ultimate prize in what has the potential to attract and bring in a whole new generation of motorcycle riders? Surely a manufacturer – even BMW – could have put up a vehicle with two wheels as the ultimate, lust-worthy goal?

(That said, we’re not going to complain if we actually win!)


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