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UPDATE May 22nd: Nicky Hayden has passed away, CCTV of accident discovered

Honda World Superbike rider killed after suffering serious brain injuries after bicycle collision with car.

The 2006 MotoGP champion motorcycle racer Nicky Hayden suffered dramatic injuries in a bicycle collision with a Peugeot in Rimini.

According to early reports and quotes from onlookers in the local, Rimini press, 36-year-old Hayden –  a keen cyclist – was riding with a group of fourteen others when the incident took place, although a report from Roadracingworld.com that quotes Nicky Hayden’s father Earl explicitly mentions that he was riding alone. It is understood that he was involved in a direct collision with the car, and that the collision saw Hayden thrown over the bonnet and into the windscreen.

Ambulances and medics on site treated the injury as life-threatening and soon after he was transferred to a hospital in Rimini where he was treated for severe chest and head trauma.

At 18:00 some four hours after the accident, Rimini hospital staff announced that he’d been moved to the major trauma unit in Cesenate for possible surgery, with his condition at the time being referred to as ‘critical’. However, it is understood that surgery was not performed.

 “The rider is in very serious condition and has now been moved to intensive care” – Dr. Senni, Cesena Hospital Press Office

US-based motorcycling website Asphalt & Rubber reported that Hayden was placed into a ‘medically induced coma’ at some stage during the evening of the accident, although this too has been corrected by the Roadracingworld.com report and Asphalt & Rubber have since removed this detail from their initial report.

However, after Hayden spent the night in Cesena Hospital, Italian motorcycling website Moto.it had an update.

They reported that ‘the clinical picture of Nicky Hayden has not improved’ and that after examination by doctors that morning his prognosis hadn’t changed. There are still major concerns about his head trauma and further updates are expected to be issued throughout the course of his treatment.

On the 18th May at around 16:30 BST, a statement from the hospital indicated that there had been little change in Hayden’s condition,

“The clinical conditions of Nicky Hayden remain critical. The young man, who is still in the Intensive Care ward of the Bufalini hospital in Cesena, suffered a serious polytrauma which consequently resulted in very serious cerebral damage. The prognosis remains critical”

In addition to the brain injuries, local newspaper Rimini Today are also reporting that Hayden has fractures to the femur and pelvis.


The hospital that has been treating Nicky Hayden, announced that he passed away on the 22nd of May as a result of his injuries.

The local newspaper of the area within which the accident occurred, Rimini Today, is reporting that the police are in possession of video evidence of the entire incident.

According to the report a video surveillance camera affixed to a nearby house has captured high quality images of the accident and is allowing Riccione Municipal police officers the opportunity to review the exact dynamics of the incident.

It also goes on to say that comments from people who have allegedly seen the video show that Nicky Hayden was hit from the left by the Peugeot car as Hayden was cycling across an intersection.

It is believed that studies from the video footage will attempt to ascertain the speed of both rider and driver at the time of the incident, and that they will also attempt to determine if Hayden was listening to music on an iPod that was found at the scene of the accident.

In quotes from a conversation with Nicky’s father, Earl, Roadracingworld has categorically countered insidious rumours swirling around the internet that his son had passed away earlier in the week.

Several websites were reporting a false news story on Friday 19th May as fact that Nicky had already died from his injuries, and so John Ulrich, the author of the article and friend of Earl Hayden, found himself in the unenviable (and frankly sickening position) of having to post clarification from Nicky’s family; Nicky had not died at that time, that he was riding on his own at the time of the accident and not in a group of fourteen other riders as initially reported.

He also stated that no surgery has been performed and Nicky was never placed into an induced coma. The full article can – and should – be read here.


On the afternoon of the accident, the Police Commander of the district, Pierpaolo Marullo, announced some details of the incident,

“At 16:50, three hours after the accident, my men continue to gather evidence for the case, which we consider to be serious. When the officers arrived at the scene, the wounded man was still at the edge of the road, being stabilised by medical teams. He was then transferred to the Red Cross Hospital of Infermi di Rimini.

Our first study of the facts would appear to show that the blow has occurred with the right front tyre of the car and that the cyclist involved was separate from the group at the time of the collision.”

Photographs from local newspaper, Rimni today, show the full extent of the damage to both the Peugeot and to Hayden’s bicycle.

The accident is understood to have taken place at 14:00 (local time) whilst Hayden was riding within the Riccione Taveloto-provincial district. He is believed to have been riding within the centre of a group of fourteen bicycle riders, but there is no further information with regards to any injuries suffered by any other members of the group, or the driver.


Motofire has spoken with sources close to the rider and understand that his injuries are ‘critical’.

Photos from Italian newspaper La Repubblica show the extent of the damage to both car and bicycle.


The collision damage with the car clearly shows several impact areas within the windscreen and major damage to the roof of the vehicle. The bicycle – left in the grass verge – would appear to have a broken frame.


Hayden was well known for his love of cycling and spent much of his free time on two wheels of the pedal variety. In an interview way back in 2006 with Cyclingnews he spoke fondly of having discovered the benefits and joy of cycling some three years previously,

“When I started I mainly did it for training, but now it’s something I really like to do … “

UPDATING… Latest changes/revisions to the story in bold.


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    My observations from the words and pictures available so far: It appears Nicky was riding a pace-line with other cyclists and had pulled off the front and was drifting back on the left of the group (normal pace-line etiquette), when the Peugeot came up on the group, attempted to pass them, and clipped Hayden – sending him backwards over the car’s hood and into the right-hand side of its windshield. I doubt he ever saw it coming. If this is the scenario, then there’s an Italian Peugeot driver who’s in deep s%#t – with the law and every Nicky fan out there!. All my thoughts are with him and his family right now.

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    Because those pictures tell a story Daniel. They show the bike received a severe hit to the back of it’s frame – sufficient enough to snap both the seat stays and seat tube – indicating, to me at least, that Nicky wasn’t at fault other than possibly swinging out to the left as this joker decided to pass the whole bunch without paying attention to how close the right side of his car was to them/Nicky.

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    CCTV says otherwise, Hayden ran a stop sign.

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    Again, go look at the actual facts not your made up nonsense theory. Hayden ran a stop sign and was at fault. the CCTV footage tallies up with what the driver described to the police. Guess you like spreading fake news/lies?

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  • In the hands of the Police.